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Horizon Shutters has been featured in numerous home improvement, design, and lifestyle magazines. Many publications credit Horizon Shutters as a source for the nations best indoor shutters. Because we talk daily with homeowners across America, we are glad to serve as a design consultant for future editions. Please contact us to assist with window covering information.

  • Horizon plantation shutters were featured in a recent issue of This Old House.
    This Old House November 2010
    12 DIY PROJECTS to Add Old-House Charm

    Hang Interior Shutters - Traditional wood louvers can let in light and air while also screening the view. Custom sizes and finishes, starting at $300 per window;

  • Money magazine provides way to e-model and save money with Horizon wood shutters.
    Money Magazine September 2010
    How to Point, Click, E-Model

    Sites run by home-improvement chains (such as and, boutique manufacturers (,, and specialty e-tailers (, offer bigger selections than local retailers do. But the main attraction is price: Discounts of 10% to 50% aren't uncommon.

  • Martha Stewart Living displays beautiful traditional wooden shutters painted green.
    Martha Stewart Living February 2005
    The Fashion and Function of BANQUETTES

    Picture within article

  • House Beautiful incorporates purple interior shutters into a small apartment space.
    House Beautiful July │ August 2010

    Cover Photo

    Is Small the New Big?

    Photos within feature article Listed as source for shutters in back on page 146

  • Essence magazine suggests purchasing from online retailers, like Horizon Window Shutters.
    Essence September 2012
    Work & Wealth - 40 Ways to Save More, Spend Less

    7. Buy home improvement supplies from specialty online retailers. Instead of paying top price at a national chain store, shave up to 50 percent off fixtures and more at sites such as,, and

  • Decorating With Style features Horizon Shutters as a best source for shutters.
    Decorating with Style - Woman's Day Specials Number 2, 2008
    Choosing Shutters

    Finding the best type and style for your home Brown shutter (about $40)

  • Window and Wall Ideas displays Horizon cafe shutters installed in a kitchen window.
    Window & Wall IDEAS Fall 2006
    Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication

    Budget-Stretching Strategies

  • Walls, Windows, and Floors suggests Horizon Interior Shutters as a window treatment source.
    Walls, Windows & Floors - Woman's Day Specials Number 3, 2006

    $120 Plantation Shutter
    ShutterLand; for two 17X25-inch panels

  • Remodel uses distressed interior traditional shutters.
    Remodel April/May 2006

    Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication

    25 Ways to Add Charm This Weekend

    Make your home look good inside and out with decorative indoor shutters. Traditional wood shutters and plantation shutters add rustic appeal and some help to insulate your cozy spaces. (Horizon Shutters; 888/399-4947;

  • Country Living presents traditional cafe shutters used in a bathroom window.
    Country Living January 2012
    All in the family

    Picture: bathroom with tub and white subway tiles

  • Better Homes and Gardens uses interior wooden shutters in a home remodel.
    Better Homes and Gardens March 2007
    Diary of a Remodel

    Source: Window shutters - Horizon Shutters; 888/399-4947;

  • Domino magazine showcases white window shutters in a New York apartment.
    Domino Magazine September 2008
    450 square feet of major panache

    SHUTTERS 40" x 40" "Traditional" $344 each,

  • Old House Interiors magazine lists reliable sources for window shutters.
    Old-House Interiors September 2006


Past customers have discovered that Horizon Shutters provides the best shutters available. Our experience in every aspect of building, finishing, selling, and installing traditional and plantation interiors shutters has provided us with invaluable education.

  • New Spaces, Old World Charm promotes Horizon custom interior shutters.
    New Spaces, Old World Charm: The Art of Elegant Interiors by Ann Sample
    12 DIY PROJECTS to Add Old-House Charm

    Horizon Shutters has been turning out customized, handmade and hand-finished shutters for over 25 years.


Major motion pictures frequently feature Horizon wood interior shutters within the movie set design. Crews in charge of film set construction use both traditional and plantation shutters to provide structure to any window within a scene. Horizon shutters can be made quickly and prepared for quick delivery to New York, Los Angeles, or any other movie shoot location. Please contact us to assist with custom window covering information.

  • Wood traditional shutters glow in a scene from 2014 Winter's Tale.
    Winter's Tale 2014
  • Horizon shutters have been used in movies, such as the Bourne Legacy.
    The Bourne Legacy 2012
  • Horizon traditional shutters were featured in the movie Chasing Mavericks.
    Chasing Mavericks 2012
  • In 2012 Horizon plantation shutters were used on the set of HBO's Hemingway and Gellhorn.
    Hemingway & Gellhorn 2012
  • Horizon interior shutters used in the set design of the movie Something Borrowed.
    Something Borrowed 2011
  • In stock traditional shutters were shipped quickly for movie set of Brothers.
    Brothers 2009
  • Interior shutters were needed fast for Hollywood film Taking Woodstock.
    Taking Woodstock 2009
  • Stock size shutters were available for quick shipping of the set design of The Happening.
    The Happening 2008
  • Window shutters were provided quick for the motion picture set of the movie W.
    W. 2008
  • The Departed Hollywood movie included wood window shutters from Horizon.
    The Departed 2006


Interior shutters are one of the most versatile window treatments available for set design of television shows. Both poly and wood shutters can be manufactured quickly and shipped to fit the window opening. Plantation and traditional indoor shutters have been featured on talk shows, for home makeovers, and in ongoing tv series. Our great service and product results in a great look for any window set design project.

  • Horizon window shutters can be seen in the producton of Elementary on television.
    Elementary CBS
  • Traditional shutters were supplied quickly for the televison set of Glee.
    Glee FOX
  • NBC's TV show Blacklist used window shutters on set.
    The Blacklist NBC
  • The television series House of Cards features traditional shutters in the set design.
    House of Cards Netflix
  • Boardwalk Empire incorporates window shutters for a period appearance.
    Boardwalk Empire HBO
  • The Rachel Ray Show needed traditional shutters fast for a television set recreation.
    Rachael Ray Show CBS

    May 12, 2011
    Dick Van Dyke & Mary Tyler Moore Reunion

  • Black Box on ABC used white plantation shutters from Horizon.
    Black Box ABC
  • See stained plantation shutters with and offset tilt bar on Dig.
    Dig USA
  • Home Takeover with Simon & Tomas used Horizon wood plantation shutters for a beautiful renovation.
    Home Takeover with Simon & Tomas OWN
  • Popular television show Bored to Death on HBO uses stained traditional shutters.
    Bored to Death HBO
  • In Treatment created a television set with window shutters installed in brownstone architecture.
    In Treatment HBO
  • TV series Nurse Jackie required interior shutters delivered quick.
    Nurse Jackie Showtime
  • Horizon shutters provided a solution for a television film set on Criminal Minds.
    Criminal Minds CBS
  • Blue Bloods tv show used window shutters that were delivered quick.
    Blue Bloods CBS
  • Set designers like the attention they receive from Horizon Shutterrs for shows like The Soporanos.
    The Sopranos HBO
  • Window shutters were needed in New York for the set of Sex and the City.
    Sex and the City HBO
  • The television show House featured apartment window shutters.
    House FOX
  • Soap opera As The World Turns incorporated window shutters into their set design.
    As The World Turns CBS

Commercial Projects

A shutter unit that only covers the lower portion of a window.
A shutter unit that is made specifically for an individual window opening.
A horizontal bar that creates top and bottom louver sections, allowing the sections to rotate independently.
A shutter unit that has one set of shutters on the top and one on the bottom.
Ornamental wood attached to the wall to the outside of the window opening. Generally used to give the window a finished appearance.
Paint or stain.
Used for mounting custom shutter units to the outside of a window opening and can have either 2, 3, or 4 sides.
A vertical strip that extends the length of the shutter unit hinged to the outside stile of a shutter panel. Generally used for cafe type shutter units.
Measurement top to bottom of the window opening according to our measuring instructions. Or, the desired panel height for café type shutters.
A two-leaf device that connects a shutter to the mounting surface or joins two shutters together.
Movable horizontal slats contained within a shutter panel.
A rectangular cavity in shutter stile for inserting a hinge – allowing a tighter fit to the side of the window or frame.
A single shutter. Most shutter units consist of more than one shutter panel.
A cut or groove along the edge of a stile between panels that allows them to form a joint to reduce light penetration.
Horizontal bar at the top, bottom, or across the center (divider rail).
A shutter unit that has one set of shutters from top to bottom.
A window is considered square if the difference between the largest measurement and the smallest is no larger than 3/16 inches and the difference between the diagonal measurements is less than 3/16 inches.
Vertical bar found along either side of a shutter panel.
Traditional or Plantation.
The number of shutter panels from top to bottom. See single tier and double tier.
Vertical bar used for adjusting the louver position.
Shutter panels and other necessary components (frames, hardware, etc.)
that work together to fit a window opening.
Area just beyond the window opening if there is no existing trim.
Measurement side to side of the window opening according to our measuring instructions.
Vertical sides of the window opening. This area will be used to attach a shutter unit using either the INJ or INH installation methods.