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Introducing Plantation Poly Shutters


Plantation shutters are arguably the most desirable window coverings in America. This distinctive window treatment is attractive, easy to use, completely opaque, durable, and timeless. The universal appeal of plantation shutters transcends generations of homeowners in all regions throughout the United States. Horizon furniture-quality interior wood shutters have long been the industry pacesetter. All orders […]

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Wall Treatment with Music Albums


Looking for a cheap, attractive way to fill a large section of vertical wall space? Here is an easy wall treatment to put all of your favorite record albums on display. Price: Around $20 depending on the albums Time: 45 minutes Materials: Two sections of 5/8″ u-shaped aluminum track, usually sold in 7 foot lengths. This […]

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Interior Window Shutter Blinds


When homeowners begin to research window coverings, there is sometimes a confusion regarding what they need.  As an interior shutter company, we often have people asking about interior plantation blinds or window shutter blinds.  While those are all terms related to window coverings, neither is accurate and could lead to confusion when discussing options. Actually, […]

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Easy Home Improvements & Repairs


Last week I sat down to watch one of the many HGTV television shows featuring home buyers comparing several housing options. This particular show highlighted a real estate agent presenting various properties to a recently married couple. The clients discussed a comfortable maximum price and list of requirements. The agent then located three homes that […]

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Hidden Costs of Home Ownership


It’s the American dream – home ownership.  And while there are many financial, emotional and personal benefits to owning a home, there are some hidden costs that are not frequently discussed. In addition to the mortgage, insurance, and property tax costs that are estimated before closing, there are so many other undisclosed amounts of owning […]

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Plantation Shutters Let Sunlight In


The sun is essential to life on planet Earth. It is also invaluable to living. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, “Americans, on average, spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors.” About 69 percent of time is spent at home and 18 percent in other interior venues. That equates to an average of […]

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House Fire Prevention Reminder


A few weeks ago a local neighborhood house caught fire. Even though it didn’t fully burn to the ground, the home was completely destroyed. It is amazing how quickly and efficiently a structure that took so long to construct can be reduced to rubble. A devastating loss like this one can cause long term crisis […]

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Insulate with Window Shutters to Save Energy


It has been reported that the coming winter will be colder than those in the recent past. True or not, we do know that temperatures drop in winter months and homeowners need to be prepared. Take an initial stroll around the outside of the property. Inspect the foundation for cracks and soil for erosion and […]

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Shutter Photo Contest Winner


We have a winner from our shutter photo contest! The top photo was submitted by a past customer of Horizon Shutters. It features custom-made wood traditional style shutters. The Caribbean themed bathroom has been decorated with light coastal blue walls and striking white trim. The cafe shutters, which have a very coastal vibe, cover only […]

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Window Shutters Coupon Code


It is expensive to own and maintain a house which requires furniture, appliances, landscaping, and structural maintenance beyond the initial purchase price. Homeowners naturally seek the best deal when making any modification to their property, including the acquisition of quality interior shutters. Shutters can be found at great value if proper research is done in […]

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