Easily Clean Interior Window Shutters

The phrase “spring cleaning” means little to me. Spring planting, spring window opening, spring running outside, yes. I am ready to spend time outside, not in, when spring finally arrives. But fall is when I’m ready to clean the house. After all, we are gearing up to spend a lot of time inside. It’s time to hibernate! So I want things to be spic-and-span to brighten up the dark days certain to come.

Wipe wood indoor shutters clean with a cloth from the back of the panel.Attempting to clean shutters used to be one of the trickiest jobs for me. I would slide a damp towel along the bottom of one side of a louver, then along the top, careful to move the towel in the middle lest I hit the tilt rod. That is, until I watched a shutter professional OPEN the panel to clean the shutter from the back. No tilt bar to contend with – genius!

The second thing that was difficult was choosing the right product to clean shutters. Some people recommend vacuuming with a soft brush attachment, but the part won’t reach in between my louvers, and I felt like I was going to damage the beautiful wood finish. Horizon shutters have a heavy-duty paint finish, but I’m sure constant bumps with the vacuum could eventually result in a dent. So I resorted to using a soft cloth and either a spray of water or a wood polish spray like Pledge.

Unfortunately, sometimes I noticed slight streaks left behind from the damp cloth, regardless of whether I used water or a product like Pledge. I don’t like feather dusters because they just move the dust around. Then I found the Swiffer cleaning sheets, which allow dirt to really cling to the fabric. And then Swiffer came out with their own type of feather dusters that softly reach between shutter louvers, allowing tops and bottoms to be cleaned quickly and without streaks. The dust is collected in the folds of the duster, not distributed throughout the room.

For the really deep cleaning I am more prone to do in fall, I sometimes get a toothbrush and spray it lightly with the dusting polish. Then I can really attack the dust that might have collected in the hinges or small corners between the louvers and side rails. Voila – sparkling, clean shutters!

Once I have clean shutter panels, I can enjoy the view of changing leaves. These tricks of opening the shutter panels and using the right products have saved me so much time in my quest for clean shutters. Time I can now spend outside in the beautiful fall weather.

By Brian Wright