Wooden Coastal Indoor Shutters

Coastal shutters have been installed in thousands of seaside homes across the United States. Open louvers allow for sunlight and ocean breezes to come indoors. The solid structure of coastal shutters blend exceptionally well with the theme and décor of a mainstream nautical home. Your home will benefit from coastal shutters if it is located in a small New England fishing village, on a Southern California beach, or Midwestern lake.

Use wood seaside indoor shutters on coastal homes.Plantation shutters have been the most popular style over the past decade.  This particular style uses large louvers which allow for the most versatility. The plantation style uses a thick 1-1/8 inch panel supporting louvers which range in size from 1-7/8 to 4-1/2 inches. The most popular size is a mid-range 3 inch louver. It is generally recommended to use the largest panels possible resulting in the most light and visibility through the louvers.

Traditional shutters have made a recent resurgence in popularity. However, they have never gone out of style for residents in the Northeast. This style is quaint, providing a more intimate look and feel. Commonly traditional shutters are ordered with smaller panels which regularly swung open to maximize the view.

Both shutters styles may be configured with full height panels, panels containing a divider rail, cafe type (covering only the lower portion of the opening), or double tier (with panels across the top and bottom). The configuration should be primarily based on anticipated daily use. The number of panels across is limited based on the window width and style selected.

All window shutters can be painted or stained to match the interior décor. Coastal shutters are most often painted, to create a crisp, light, open appearance. Whites and light colors are less distracting for views of surfers, lighthouses, or fishing boats. White is also reflective, which is most effective in preventing summer sunlight from heating the home.

Stained wood shutters can also be effective in creating a coastal, or nautical, environment. Stain enhances the wood grain, resulting in a very natural appearance. Some nautical homes use a light, almost clear, stain which shutters can be finished to match. Synthetic shutters can not be stained.

Coastal décor begins with a passion for the sea, the culture, and the lifestyle. Integrating coastal décor into a space requires complete commitment. Homes or rooms that infuse a few nautical touches can appear disjointed. Coastal style ranges from very rustic and relaxed to formal in nature.

Interior shutters are easily the most versatile window covering available. They have been successfully used in modern mansions, historic renovations, and coastal cottages. The visual clean lines and functional versatility have made coastal shutters an interior design staple.

By Brian Wright