Shutter Decorations

I have been working to put up all sorts of Christmas shutter decorations recently. My inspiration comes from seeing the Christmas trees go up, driving through the neighborhoods at night admiring lights, and just getting in to the holiday season. I always want to try new and different decorating ideas, and Christmas offers the perfect time to create something temporary that can make a big impact. It’s the most creative time of the year!

shutter decorationsOne of my favorite recent shutter decorations for Christmas is to display cards on an old traditional shutter (see photo). I just put a beautiful ribbon on the tilt-bar, and as holiday cards come in the mail, I slip them into the louvers for a beautiful display. If the shutter has a divider rail, hooks could be hung for additional decoration – hanging ornaments, candy cane holder, etc. Or three shutters can be hinged together for a larger display area, kind of like a room divider if large, or on a mantel if smaller panels.

After the holiday season is over, I collect all the cards into a stack with a hole punched in the left corner of each. I connect them all with a ribbon, and we can look through the cards to pray for each family as the year progresses. This is a fun tradition to share as a family, and a great way to be deliberate about praying for the people in our lives. The shutter decoration is easily stored in a closet, and doesn’t take much space in storage.

Another simple Christmas shutter decoration is to take a brightly-colored shutter (red pops especially well) and hang it on the front door or on windows outside. Then arrange a wreath or swag of evergreens with a mix of holly and berries tied together with a festive bow. Oversized ornaments or bells can be included as well, and it makes a beautiful statement piece. This works equally well with rustic shutters that may have peeling paint or pristine, glossy shutters, depending on the look you want.

Solid panel shutters can be made with shapes cut out for the holidays – stars, bells, Christmas trees, or snowmen are some perfect symbols. A Christmas tapestry can take the place of louvers as an insert for another shutter decoration concept. Or a simple wreath affixed to the top of each shutter panel in a room makes a beautiful, symmetrical shutter decoration for the holidays.

If you have any other ideas for holiday shutter decorations, we would love to post them here. There is no end to options in re-purposing beautiful wood shutters!

By Brian Wright