Indoor Security Shutters on Windows

Security shutters are often unsightly exterior grade metal devices installed to prevent intruders from entering a residence or place of business. Security shutters provide protection for the goods and people inside the building. In safer neighborhoods, standard interior shutters can serve as a significant deterrent for possible trespassers.

Window shutters provide security from people looking inside the window.Window shutters are beneficial for many reasons, but I realized during an evening walk this week they can also serve as a practical form of security. Privacy and safety within my home is important, especially in winter when nights are longer and darker making it easier for others to see into a well lit home. All styles of interior shutters  (plantation, traditional and raised panel) can increase a home’s security.  Properly installed shutters become a visual barrier over all of the windows in the house, increasing privacy, modesty and security.

Raised panel security shutters can be fully closed at night time, giving a cozy protected feel within your home and complete privacy from the outside world. They also make it moderately more difficult for an intruder to break in, due to the extra layer they would have to break through. During the day, shutters can be opened again to allow in ventilation and natural light.

Plantation and traditional movable louvers can be quickly switched to the closed position as dusk falls. The horizontal louvers can be quite cleverly adjusted so that even during the day, when you require light to be let into the room, an onlooker’s line of sight into the home is interrupted.  Double tier or single tier shutters with a divider rail allow for  the top louvers to be open, allowing light to enter, while leaving the bottom louvers closed to prevent outsiders from viewing.

The ease with which shutters can be closed is a major benefit.  You have, no doubt, experienced the frustration of fighting with a string to maneuver blinds or roman shades into the open or closed position.  Perhaps you have noticed crooked louvers in blinds when they don’t quite line up.  Curtains frequently don’t quite meet in the middle, allowing in the room that sliver of light you wish to eliminate.  Raised panel, traditional, and plantation shutters simply swing shut like a door and connect securely with a magnet.  Plantation and traditional shutters can remain in the same position all the time, and the tilt bar quickly moves to allow all louvers to stay in exactly the desired location.

Consider security shutters for peace of mind that the activities inside your home are not on display for the outside world.  They are also a beautiful covering for your windows that do not feel like security features, but more like a lovely piece of furniture.

By Brian Wright