Window Shutter Advice

My father was full of advice. He once told me a collared shirt should at all times be worn underneath a sweater. Some of his counsel was rooted from a outdated sense of fashion, but it was his opinion. However, most of his “words of wisdom” have served me well.

jack and brian wright - window shutter adviceIn the year 2001, my wife and I purchased our first home. It was a small three bedroom dwelling built in the 1950s. We liked the floor plan and the location. For the first year we worked many nights and weekends to make it our own. We stripped wallpaper, scraped off vinyl flooring, sanded railings, and knocked down walls.   We also painted almost every inch of drywall and trim, installed tile, stained and varnished woodwork, and added closet space. Throughout this ordeal we slept on a sagging mattress, washed dishes by hand, and kept food in a old inefficient refrigerator.

One day in the heat of summer our refrigerator ceased operation. After packing all of the perishables on ice, we set off in search of a new machine. Several hours later, we returned home frustrated and confused by the array of options, features, brands, and warranties. We visited my parents hoping to reference their extensive library of Consumer Reports magazines for a recommendation. As I thumbed through the pages, my dad said to me, “When buying a product that will be used every day, purchase the best one you can possibly afford.” Those words have served me well over the years for buying mattresses, cars, shoes, dishwashers, computers, flooring, window treatments, and more.

Notice that he did not recommend purchasing the most expensive item, but the best. Furthermore, my father advocated obtaining the finest product within one’s budget. In other words, spend a little more for a higher rated model if you have the reserves, but not at the expense of going into debt. Higher rated products usually work better on a day-to-day basis, are sturdier, and last longer.

My father and I used a similar philosophy when we started Horizon Shutters in 1997. We created the business for homeowners seeking the very best window shutters. Our goal was not to sell the most expensive shutter, but the finest, attractive, durable, authentic interior shutter available.

I still refuse to wear collared shirts under sweaters. But I do still adhere to many of my father’s recommendations. Horizon Shutters is now celebrating fifteen years of selling custom-made interior shutters online using the same core mission. We have thousands of happy customers across the United States, many who have sent us comments. We would love to help you find the best shutters for your home.

By Brian Wright