Room Darkening Window Shutters for Home Theater

Many families are opting to turn one of the rooms in their home into a home theater. Listed are some necessities and tips for a well designed media room.

1. Comfortable theater seating – In addition to comfortable seating, be sure to include a location to place beverages and snacks. Of course the chairs will need to fit the space, as well as being positioned so that everyone can see the screen. Specialized seating is becoming more popular and affordable.

Use interior shutters to create a perfect home theater.2. DVD player – Select a high-quality HD progressive-scan Blu-ray DVD player with remote. Blu-ray players can also play older DVD’s and CD’s. The player should include an HDMI input and port for cat5 or cat6 wire to stream from the internet. If you happen to have some old VHS tapes you’d like to be able to watch, you’ll need to have a player for those, as well.

3. Surround sound system – You’ll want to make sure it’s compatible with your player. If you have a Blu-ray player, you’ll probably want your speaker system to be able to play digital audio. However, older DVD’s or VHS will have analog audio, so you’ll also want that option if you have a video library. If you don’t have a system capable of digital sound, the Blu-ray player should be able to downgrade to analog sound; you’ll just miss some of the digital effects. Generally, you’ll perceive a greater difference in having digital video over digital audio.

4. Room darkening window coverings – You’ll want to be able to shut out natural light, since it can frequently make it difficult to see what’s on the screen. Installing custom window shutters will allow you to block outside light. They will also allow you to easily let in the light when you want it. Interior shutters will also fit in nicely with any of your choices in decor.

5. Sound proofing – There are several options for sound proofing. This will greatly improve the sound quality as well as reduce potential complaints from adjacent rooms. One option is to soundproof the whole room, with soundproofing tiles or paint. Another option is paying attention to speaker placement as well as using soundproofing elements in your decor and wall treatments.

6. Big screen television – Purchase a well rated HD television with all of the major modern outlets. Verify that it is fully compatible with all of the other components. Pick an appropriate size for the space. Don’t be tempted to stuff a massive television into a tiny room.

7. Organization – shelves and drawers to hold your gaming and other media items, in addition to your media library. You can purchase a media cabinet, or find other organization systems. Have zip ties or Velcro ties available to keep cords tidy and out of the way. Get storage baskets for some of the shelves. Use foot-stools or tables that have storage space.

8. Small refrigerator / microwave – if you have a large house and your media center is up or downstairs from your kitchen, having a place nearby to keep beverages and make some microwave popcorn will be appreciated.

By Brian Wright