Room Darkening Shutters

Studies have proven that a person needs a certain number of hours of sleep a night in order to be healthy. Maintaining a normal rest cycle promotes better cognitive function and overall well-being. Unfortunately far too many people do not get a proper amount of sleep due to busy lives and work schedules. This is why it is vital that a person achieve as deep a sleep as possible when they rest and an ideal way to facilitate this is through the use of room darkening shutters. Both traditional shutters and plantation shutters block out a majority of daylight and this means that even someone who has to sleep during the day can enjoy a regular sleep cycle.

room darkening shuttersUsing room darkening shutters in place of traditional curtains or blinds brings an entirely different feel to a bedroom. When total darkness is not needed and the shutters are partially opened a sense of peace and beauty can be found as light peaks in through the slats. For those who need almost complete darkness to sleep though, the shutters work perfectly. Tight fitting solid vinyl roll-shades can be mounted close to the window for an added barrier which will eliminate the slight glow between louvers and around the edges of the shutter unit.

Use of interior shutters allows the homeowner to open the window and louvers before bedtime to introduce gentile breeze. Fresh air is conducive to proper sleep and overall health. Quality shutters will not rattle when there is a wind nor bang in the breeze as blinds tend to do. Shutters also will not billow in the breeze and allow light in as curtains do. Movable louvers are solid, easy to adjust, and stay in place when they are open or closed. When darkness is required, the louvers rotate to the up position with the tilt bar slotted in the “mouse hole” in the top rail, blocking outside light.

It is well known that babies do not necessarily sleep only at night. Infants require more sleep than adults and nap during full daylight. This is where room darkening shutters are especially useful. A dark room is a peaceful room and babies will enjoy being lulled to sleep. Light interrupts that process and often does not let the baby obtain a deep rest. When baby is fully awake louvers are easily rotated to enjoy natural light for reading or playing games. Shutters also do not have strings or cords which can be dangerous for children.

Humans are not the only ones who require adequate sleep to function properly. Dogs and other pets also need good rest to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. Many dogs are crated during the day and sleep passes that time quicker for them so blocking the light with shutters will help them rest. While dogs are not as aware of the passage of time as humans are, they do know that darkness means sleep. With proper rest a dog will be all energized for play when their master returns home.

By Brian Wright