White Shutters for Spring

Spring is a time for rebirth. After shedding their leaves in the fall, new growth is starting to appear on deciduous trees. Neighbors reemerge from hibernation and laughter of playful children rings through most American neighborhoods. Cool breezes pass through white shutters as a celebration of 70 degree days ensues.

It is a good time for your home to experience the same type of transformation. Several simple modifications can give your house a vibrant energy similar to the blooming flowers. It is time to move beyond the dark dreary winter atmosphere and celebrate the season with the many songbirds that perch right outside the front door.

A seasonal spring update revolves around bringing the feeling and energy of outdoors inside the home. Transition from heavy, dark, and warm to light, bright, and airy. Start with a simple rotation of bedding. Store your thick winter bed spread in favor of thin colorful lightweight sheets.

Brightly colored throw pillows provide an instant awaking to a couch, chair, or bed. Obviously the pattern and colors must blend with other design elements in the room. You may wish to add items to round out the theme. Additional fabric can bring spring into the kitchen. Use a spring colored tablecloth or placemats on the dining table. Even the use of pastel dishes rejuvenates the space. Natural fiber furniture and rugs, line wicker chairs and jute rugs, set an organic foundation.

install spring shuttersLiterally invite nature inside by placing a group of colorful flowers into a pastel colored vase. You often can pick wildflowers or blooms from your own backyard instead of spending money on expensive exotic varieties. Vases are usually inexpensive, and in abundance at a local craft store. It is believed that by having multiple plants and flowers based throughout each room, a home can achieve a greater sense of color, warmth and balance. Unfortunately, flowers eventually wither and need to be replaced often.

Windows are central to inviting the fresh outside indoors. Natural light and crisp clean air breathe life into any space. Open windows completely ventilate the home eliminating the cabin fever that set in months ago. Certain window coverings encourage regular use of this natural resource. Interior shutters swing open and closed to allow complete access and visibility through the window. Homeowners can clean and open windows when shutters are stacked to the side. They can then be returned to a closed position with partially rotated louvers to control sunlight while still allowing air to pass. Unlike other window treatments, shutters are solid and will not blow open or bang with the wind. Painted white shutters are most popular year-round.

The numbers of potential ways you can prepare your home for the spring time are virtually limitless. Get creative, mix it up, and experiment with different styles, colors and tastes to achieve that perfect balance that resonates with the cheery spring season.

By Brian Wright