Buy American Shutters

Many homeowners shopping for custom interior shutters seek the most affordable best quality product. However, in past decades, Americans have been programmed to shop for the lowest possible price, even if it means purchasing inferior items manufactured overseas.

Horizon indoor window shutters are manufactured in America by Americans.The window shutters industry has manufacturing facilities located throughout the world. Imported shutters require fewer manufacturing regulations than American made products. American companies are required to adhere to fair wage and labor requirements, environmental restrictions, and safety precautions that many other countries do not enforce.

American window shutters are built with pride by fellow countrymen. The building process of Horizon custom shutters starts with raw hand-selected basswood in our Los Angeles facility. Wood stiles, rails, and louvers are milled to produce the finest natural quality window shutters available. The quality standards of Horizon Shutters could justify higher than average prices, but we actually keep cost comparable to substandard window coverings.

Shutters constructed within the country often means that more care is taken with each order. Outsourced products can pass through multiple hands before they reach their final destination. Even if the order does arrive quickly, the possibility of damage is greater. Distance, time and language separate the customer from their custom made shutters. The majority of the cost charged for foreign shutters goes to transportation, not materials and labor.

Customer service is much easier when buying shutters made in America. The support staff has extensive experience with window shutters, and glad to help customers get what they want and need. They are not part of an overseas call center that may not have a real idea about or interest in shutters.

We urge you to consider purchasing custom American made shutters. We know that a purchase with Horizon Shutters will be rewarded with friendly knowledgeable customer service and attractive properly functioning wood window shutters.