Shutter Hinges

Plantation Shutter Hinges & Hardware

All necessary interior shutter hinges for installation is included with every order.

Available plantation shutter hardware finishes:

  • Bright Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Silver
  • White

The type of shutter hinges provided depends on the shutter style and mounting method selected. Hinges are mortised into the shutters to reduce light gaps. Knobs are not supplied for plantation shutters.

Bright brass hardware is used to install custom plantation shutters to the window

Bright Brass

Antique brass hinges allow wooden plantation window shutters to open.

Antique Brass

Install wood plantation shutters with contemporary silver hardware.


We found Horizon Shutters on the internet and were impressed with the site and their marketing. We ordered our shutters and received them on time and in perfect condition. Installation was easy and they are a beautiful addition to our B & B ( Thank you to all who worked with us on this project - we definitely recommend Horizon Shutters.

Laura D.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my shutters. They came so nice and they are painted unbelievable. I am so happy that I took a chance and went with this over the internet. I really felt confident that it would work out because you were so nice and helpful of the phone. I am going to order more shutters from you within the next month for my daughter's room. I have highly recommended your company to my parents and they too were impressed with the shutters. They will be ordering from you within the next week. Thanks again for your hard work and good job.

Cheryl A.

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Sample Shutters
  • measuring workbook
  • color charts
  • sample shutter
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A shutter unit that only covers the lower portion of a window.
A shutter unit that is made specifically for an individual window opening.
A horizontal bar that creates top and bottom louver sections, allowing the sections to rotate independently.
A shutter unit that has one set of shutters on the top and one on the bottom.
Ornamental wood attached to the wall to the outside of the window opening. Generally used to give the window a finished appearance.
Paint or stain.
Used for mounting custom shutter units to the outside of a window opening and can have either 2, 3, or 4 sides.
A vertical strip that extends the length of the shutter unit hinged to the outside stile of a shutter panel. Generally used for cafe type shutter units.
Measurement top to bottom of the window opening according to our measuring instructions. Or, the desired panel height for café type shutters.
A two-leaf device that connects a shutter to the mounting surface or joins two shutters together.
Movable horizontal slats contained within a shutter panel.
A rectangular cavity in shutter stile for inserting a hinge – allowing a tighter fit to the side of the window or frame.
A single shutter. Most shutter units consist of more than one shutter panel.
A cut or groove along the edge of a stile between panels that allows them to form a joint to reduce light penetration.
Horizontal bar at the top, bottom, or across the center (divider rail).
A shutter unit that has one set of shutters from top to bottom.
A window is considered square if the difference between the largest measurement and the smallest is no larger than 3/16 inches and the difference between the diagonal measurements is less than 3/16 inches.
Vertical bar found along either side of a shutter panel.
Traditional or Plantation.
The number of shutter panels from top to bottom. See single tier and double tier.
Vertical bar used for adjusting the louver position.
Shutter panels and other necessary components (frames, hardware, etc.)
that work together to fit a window opening.
Area just beyond the window opening if there is no existing trim.
Measurement side to side of the window opening according to our measuring instructions.
Vertical sides of the window opening. This area will be used to attach a shutter unit using either the INJ or INH installation methods.