House Fire Prevention Reminder

A house fire will quickly destroy any home.A few weeks ago a local neighborhood house caught fire. Even though it didn’t fully burn to the ground, the home was completely destroyed. It is amazing how quickly and efficiently a structure that took so long to construct can be reduced to rubble. A devastating loss like this one can cause long term crisis in the lives of the owners. Simple precautions may prevent the headache and heartache of loss of property and possible life. The four tips below have saved countless lives. Don’t postpone taking simple safety measures that could alter your life.

  1. Properly place smoke alarms throughout the home. There should be at least one alarm per level, but more is better. Test and clean the alarms frequently.
  2. Purchase and locate fire extinguishers throughout the property. Review the instructions for correct use and periodically have them serviced.
  3. Draft an escape plan and review it with members of the family. Know how to navigate the home at the time of a fire and establish a meeting place when people escape.
  4. Walk through the home with video recorder in hand to document the contents. Transfer the recording to a DVD and store off-site. The video will serve as a reminder when reporting losses for insurance.


Visit government and organizational websites for additional steps to prevent and prepare for a house fire. Safety is paramount. Never assume your home is impervious to disaster.