Wall Treatment with Music Albums

Looking for a cheap, attractive way to fill a large section of vertical wall space? Here is an easy wall treatment to put all of your favorite record albums on display.

Price: Around $20 depending on the albums

Time: 45 minutes


  • Two sections of 5/8″ u-shaped aluminum track, usually sold in 7 foot lengths. This product can usually be found in any of the big box home improvement stores. Cut the track to 74 1/2″, the width of 6 standard size albums.
  • Black spray paint or aluminum polish
  • 1 1/2″ – 2″ square bit screws with a narrow head
  • Level
  • Music albums – If you do not have albums on hand and are not picky about the artist, visit estate or garage sales. If you have a particular artist or music style in mind, find albums on online auctions sites or local record shops. You may not be concerned about the condition of the actual record. It pays to ask if there are any scratched items contained in a good condition cover.

Cheap and easy wall covering consisting of six record albums.Six favorite Jimmy Buffett albums overlook a custom electronics charging station.


  • Cut both pieces aluminum track to 74 1/2″, the width of 6 standard size albums. Aluminum cuts easily with a standard miter saw or hacksaw.
  • Drill four 1/8″ holes in the back side of the track aligned with the wall studs (which should be 16″ apart). Make sure not to drill all the way through the track.
  • Transfer the tracks outside, wipe clean, and apply spray paint. We selected the color black to not detract from the artwork. Alternatively, polish the aluminum for a shiny finish.
  • Determine the desired height of the display. Place the lower track on the wall with the holes to the back. Insert and drill the first screw through the track channel into the hole. Use a level to verify the track is perfectly horizontal and insert the second, third, and fourth screws.
  • The top track should be placed so the top of the track is 12 9/16″ above the bottom of the lower track.
  • Finally, slide the six albums into place.

There are so many different styles of record albums to choose from. Display your personal taste for everyone to see, and inexpensively fill nearly seven feet of wall space. Regularly rotate the collection in minutes for a change in taste or to personalize a theme party or house guests.

Slide music albums in between metal tracks.
Slide music albums in between the metal tracks to display.

By Brian Wright